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Air-atomizing misting nozzles or Air atomizing water Spray nozzles are devices that use a combination of compressed air and liquid to create a fine spray. The compressed air is used to atomize the liquid, breaking it into very small droplets, which are then sprayed onto a surface or into a space. Air atomizing nozzles are commonly used in a range of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, for applications such as coating, humidifying, gas cooling, lubrication, and misting or fogging. The size and shape of the spray pattern produced by an air-atomizing spray nozzle can be adjusted by changing the air pressure and liquid Pressure. The design of the nozzle also plays a crucial role in the air atomization process and the spray pattern produced.
Air Atomizing spray nozzle manfacturer for misting purpose india
Many types of Atomizing spray nozzles are designed, and manufactured by us including the following types.

External Mixture Flat Fan 
• Internal Mixture Siphon Flat Fan
• Internal Mixture Deflected Flat Fan
• Internal Mixture wide angle 
• Internal Mixture Jet round
• External Mixture Narrow round
• Ultrasonic Fine Spray Nozzle 
• Paint Spray Atomizing Nozzle


What is Atomization?
Atomization refers to the process of breaking up liquids into droplets. Fine Air Atomizing nozzle droplet sizes are measured in microns. Common home atomizers you may be familiar with include shower heads, perfume sprays, garden hoses, and deodorant or hair sprays. 
What is Air Atomizing Nozzle and How its different from atomizing nozzles?
In direct pressure nozzles, the fluid is broken up (atomized) into droplets by either impact on a surface or by the swrilling motion caused by passing the liquid through a shaped orifice. In both cases the energy required for the atomization comes from the potential energy of the fluid itself. Essentially the energy available for atomization is a function of fluid pressure.

In air atomising nozzles pressurized air (or other gas) is used to impact upon the fluid being sprayed. The impact of the gas causes the fluid to break apart into a fine spray. This means that the energy required for atomisation is no longer dependent on fluid pressure because of which very fine sprays can be produced at low fluid pressures. The allows for very fine, low volume sprays to be delivered.

 Air Atomising Nozzles have many unique spray properties and specification which helps the designers to use in wide range of spraying applications.
What are the types or methods of Atomization? 
1. Pressure Atomization
2. Air Spray Atomization
3. Centrifugal atomization
4. Electrostatic atomization
5. Twin Fluid Atomization
What are the factors affecting Atomization?
• Surface Tension
• Viscosity
• Density
• Pressure
What are Air Atomizing spray nozzle applications?
• Atomization of viscous liquids
• Chemical coating
• Cooling
• Misting 
• Fogging
• Humidification of air
• Humidification of goods
• Lubrication
• Chemical Spraying
• Chemical Injection
• Paint Spraying
• Gas cooling
• Lubricating
• Humidification
What are the types of Atomizers available?
Spray atomization involves creating a condition of high relative velocity between the liquid to be atomized and the surrounding air or gas. Typical atomizer nozzle types include:

  Impinging jet
  Twin fluid. Twin-fluid atomizers include all nozzle types, and may involve one of the processes below :

Internal Mix – The gas and liquid are mixed within the body of the nozzle. It forms the finest atomization, which exits through one orifice. There is a direct relationship between the liquid and the air; any change in the air pressure affects the liquid flow. The full cone, hollow cone and flat spray patterns can be achieved using the internal mix method.

External Mix – The gas and liquid are mixed externally; this offers better control since there is no connection between the gas and liquid inlet lines. Viscous liquids can be sprayed using External mixtures. however, the atomization is not as fine as in the internal mix. Both full cone and flat spray patterns are achievable.

What are the Air Atomizing nozzle Types available with Synergy Spray Systems?

Five types of Atomizing spray nozzles are designed and available with us

• External Mixture Flat Fan 
• Internal Mixture Siphon Flat Fan 
• Internal Mixture deflected flat fan
• Internal Mixture wide angle 
• Internal Mixture Jet round
• External Mixture Narrow round 
• Paint Spray Atomizing Nozzle
External Mixture Flat Fan Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle
In external mix set-ups, the air and liquid streams exit the nozzle separately and are mixed externally. As the air and liquid lines within the nozzle are not connected, the flow rates of air and liquid can be controlled independently, enabling precise metering of the liquid. Adjusting the air flow rate can control atomization, with higher airflow producing finer atomization. However, external mix setups may not produce as fine atomization as internal mix setups.

External mix air atomizing spray nozzles are suitable for use with liquids of high viscosity, with the ability to work with liquids above 250 cP. These nozzles have the highest flow rates and allow for independent adjustment of air and liquid flows, making them ideal for applications where precise liquid flow control is crucial. Our air atomizing nozzle models can fit a 1/4 male connector (with a 1/4" female size) and are constructed from SS316 material, with other material options available, including brass, SS304, and Duplex steel, based on customer requirements.

Atomizing nozzles for viscous fluids offer increased control of spray pattern and droplet size independent of the shape of the air or atomizing air and control air. These nozzles are externally controlled and come with a built-in pneumatic control valve for improved control. They are ideal for applications that require increased spray nozzle control.
Internal Mixture jet Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle
The Internal Mix Air Atomizing spray nozzles mix the liquid and air within the nozzle and dispense them through a single orifice. Any changes in the airflow rate will affect the liquid flow, making precise metering of the liquid more challenging than with an External Mix Set-up. Although Internal Mix setups can produce the finest atomization, they are not generally suitable for use with high-viscosity liquids.

Our Synergy Spray Systems' Air Atomizing nozzle produces a jet spray pattern rather than a straight jet spray pattern (which has a spray angle of 0 degrees), but rather a full cone-shaped water flow. All Internal Mixing Air Atomizing nozzles can work with a viscosity of up to 250 cP. These nozzles are available in three patterns: narrow-angle round pattern, wide-angle round pattern, and flat fan pattern. Our air atomizing nozzle models fit a 1/4 inch male connector (with a 1/4 inch female size) and are made of SS316 material, although other materials such as brass, SS304, and Duplex steel are also available based on customer requirements.

Additionally, internal mixing nozzles produce finer atomization than external mixing nozzles, making them suitable for applications that require a higher level of precision. They are also less prone to clogging and can operate at higher pressures, providing increased spray performance.

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Right Air Atomising Spray Nozzles for Your Application

Air Atomizing Nozzles
Choosing the right air-atomizing spray nozzle is crucial for achieving the desired spray pattern and droplet size in your application. Consider factors such as liquid properties, flow rate, spray angle, and material compatibility when selecting a nozzle. Consulting with a Synergy spray system expert can help ensure you choose the right nozzle for your specific needs.

The Benefits of Air Atomized Spray Nozzles

 Industrial Spray Nozzles
Air-atomized spray nozzles provide a fine mist of atomized liquid that is useful for coating, humidifying, cooling, lubricating, and more. They offer precise liquid metering, adjustable atomization, and flexible parts. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you choose the right nozzle that provides optimal atomization, flow rates, and other desired performance features.

How Air Atomizing Nozzle helps efficient running of machines

Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles
Air atomizing nozzles can improve the efficiency of machines by providing precise and controlled liquid spray, which can help to reduce waste and ensure proper lubrication or cooling of machinery parts. They can also help to reduce operating costs by minimizing liquid consumption and reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
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