Synergy Spray Systems offers a specialized solution to control and suppress dust during wagon tippling operations. By using specially designed dry fog nozzles, our system sprays atomized water particles to prevent dust lift off. Wagon tippling typically generates around 95% of dust particles in the range of 10 μm in diameter. To effectively address this problem, it is crucial to implement a reliable dust suppression and control system.

Our team can assist customers with installing, commissioning, and maintaining wagon tippler dust control and suppression systems. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we help ensure that your operations are safer and more efficient, while also minimizing the negative impact on the environment.


• Water particles highly atomized 
• Efficient dust control 
• Extended lifespan 
• User-friendly operation 
• Control system operates on Extra Low Voltage 
• Resistant to corrosion


• Minimize expenses (with minimal ongoing costs) 
• Provide a high degree of control over application rates and frequencies • Utilize natural intermittent or spaced watering 
• Seamlessly integrate with mining systems 
• Allow for easy extension or modification as needed


• Seamlessly integrated with site SCADA systems for efficient monitoring and control 
• Sprays automatically pause when vehicles pass through, reducing water wastage 
• Integration of chemical dosing system to optimize water usage and reduce environmental impact 
• Solar-powered control system for sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

Dust Suppression Applications

Synergy Spray systems is a leading dust suppression integrator that helps tackle the challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industries, and communities. Our range of products not only assists in controlling dust but also helps to reinforce surfaces in mining, construction, infrastructure, and farming projects, making them more durable and cost-effective while reducing their environmental impact.

Dust Control Products

Synergy Spray offers a range of polymer-based dust control products that are specially formulated to prevent dust generation and stabilize treated surfaces. These solutions can be deployed quickly and easily, without any negative impact on the environment. They are ideal for use in the horticultural and agricultural sectors, where dust can impact fruit, cropping, and feed viability. By stabilizing the surface, our products also make surfaces stronger and longer lasting, providing a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for dust control.
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