Coal mining poses several explicit hazards, including breakdowns, flooding, and hazardous blasts. Dust created by coal handling plants and mining activities is a significant hazard as it can cause breathing-related issues for people, as well as maintenance issues for machinery. 
Additionally, dust can create a potentially hazardous environment. Every year, an unacceptable number of people are injured or killed in underground coal mining accidents or suffer from long-term health problems due to exposure to coal dust.

The high concentration of coal dust produced in either open-pit, plants processing coal, or underground coal mineshafts can lead to not only the death of miners suffering from pneumoconiosis but also coal dust explosions and gas explosions, resulting in significant personal injury and financial loss. It is a health regulation that workers do not inhale air containing respirable dust exceeding an average concentration of 3 milligrams per cubic meter of coal dust.

Coal dust particles are produced from various production processes, including drilling and blasting, shearing or loading, mining, coal storage, transportation, processing, and usage. Coal dust is also generated from transport, which is driven by the impact and falling of coal at subsurface transfer points and through ventilation airflow in the coal mineshaft and the natural breeze from the open-air environment. The level of coal conversion varies in different mining areas, affecting its moisture content. Understanding the characteristics of coal itself is crucial to achieving effective dust suppression.

The benefits of using dust suppression in coal handling plants include reducing respirable dust by more than 80%, reducing visual dust, limiting water consumption, reducing transport slippage, eliminating excessive moisture content in material, reducing chute blockages, improving housekeeping standards, and increasing safe work areas during operation.
Synergy Spray Systems can provide the best solutions for dust suppression for coal mining sites and dust extraction systems for coal handling plants. Our integrated solutions for coal mines include haul road dust suppression, dry fog systems for wagon tipplers and conveyors, and transfer point dust suppression technologies.


Will it work alongside dust collection systems?

Yes it can be used

Is compressed air required for this system?

Pressure of around 50 bar and above is required for effectiveness and longer coverage

Can it be used on conveyor belts?

Yes we can arrange smaller attachment in the dust exchange areas of conveyors

Can we use RO water?

Yes as RO water is purified, it can be used

How many nozzles will be used?

Based on the coverage area, the total number of nozzles will be allotted

Will the water consumption be excessive?

Water consumption will be very less, approximately 35-60 ml per nozzle
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