The Wet Fog Dust Suppression System utilizes misted air to effectively suppress dust and odors in areas where dust extraction is not feasible or economical. This system is currently used in numerous manufacturing and recycling applications to suppress dust from a variety of materials, such as wood, brick, soil, concrete, paper, gypsum, debris, glass, biomass, and coal, using only water. The system blows very fine fog into the air, which attracts dust particles and causes them to settle, preventing them from becoming airborne.

The Wet Fog Dust Suppression System is ideal for halting dust generated during tipping, container stacking, demolishing, screens, air blades, transport transfer points, bulker loading, and other similar activities. The system keeps floors, equipment, and stock completely dry, allowing personnel to work in the mist without getting wet. It also uses low amounts of water and electricity, requiring only a few liters of water per hour to treat an entire building.

Synergy Spray System provides effective solutions to replace old-fashioned dust suppression technologies, such as low-pressure water systems and electrical charge suppression systems, which use excessive amounts of water and can be costly, space-consuming, and difficult to use. Synergy Spray System's high-pressure water fogging technology creates ultra-fine fog drops, ranging from 20-50 microns in size, which absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air, while falling to the ground without causing wetness.

The Wet Fog Dust Suppression System offers numerous benefits, including low initial cost, low operating and maintenance cost, and the ability to meet environmental regulations for dust control. This system provides maximum dust control with minimal drops and low water and power consumption, resulting in low running costs. It also requires minimal maintenance due to its lack of moving parts, providing reliable operation for an extended period.
Synergy Spray System's field expertise and dedication to providing reliable and effective dust suppression systems make it the preferred choice for industries seeking to reduce dust and odor levels while maintaining a clean, dry work environment.

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