Synergy Spray Systems is a prominent player in the coal mining industry, manufacturing, supplying, and integrating cutting-edge dust suppression and control systems. These systems help create a safer and healthier working environment for miners while meeting the rigorous standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Mining Development and Monitoring Authority.

Inadequate dust suppression in mining sites can result in serious environmental damage and health hazards, including lung diseases. Dust particles under 10 microns in size are particularly harmful as they can get trapped in the lungs, causing inflammation and fatal illnesses such as lung cancer and silicosis. Dust is prevalent in various stages of the mining process, including excavation sites, hammer plants, rock crushing, ball mills, conveyor transfer points, and storage venting. Therefore, it is crucial to control and manage dust effectively.

Traditional dust suppression solutions, such as low-pressure water systems and electrical charge suppression systems, are costly, cumbersome, and often inefficient. Synergy Spray Systems offers a more advanced and efficient alternative that binds dust particles effectively, reduces water consumption (up to ten times less), and targets specific areas for treatment. This approach saves energy, reduces costs, and is more effective than other traditional dust suppression methods.

The advantages of dust suppression systems in mines include:
1. Improved working environment: Dust suppression systems help to create a safer and healthier working environment for employees by reducing the amount of airborne dust particles.
2. Compliance with regulations: Dust suppression systems help mines to comply with stringent regulations set by mining development and monitoring authorities related to dust control.
3. Environmental protection: Dust suppression systems help to prevent environmental damage by reducing the amount of dust that settles in mining sites and surrounding areas.
4. Health protection: Dust suppression systems help to protect the health of employees by reducing the amount of dust they inhale. Inhaling dust particles can cause respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and silicosis.
5. Efficient and cost-effective: Dust suppression systems, particularly those offered by Synergy Spray Systems, are designed to consume lesser energy and water (up to multiple times less) making them more economical and convenient to use.
6. Versatile: Dust suppression systems can be used in a variety of mining and industrial applications, including power plants, steel mills, quarries, and transportation terminals.

This system helps to ensure the safety of workers, protect the environment, and reduce maintenance costs for mining equipment, making them an essential investment for any mining operation.

Synergy Spray Systems' mission is to become a leading dust suppression company in India. Their commitment to delivering reliable, secure, and tested dust suppression solutions that protect workers and equipment makes them an excellent partner for the long term. With their innovative solutions, they help prevent dust-related hazards, reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime, and improve the overall safety and efficiency of mining operations.


Do you provide complete solution for suppression for mines?

We do complete trunkey mining dust suppression including Supply, Erection, Commissioning and maintenance of the units.

How long does it take to get a unit?

Approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Supply of dust suppression units are based on the criticality of the system to be deployed on the site.

What will the water droplet size be?

The water droplet size will vary based on the particle size of the dust.

Is Dust cannon part of the system?

Yes it can be implemented based on the application area.

How does the dust suppression system in mines system work?

 It works by the air atomized particles of liquid trapping the dust particles ar forcing them to fall downwards rather than fly up into the atmosphere.
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