Synergy Spray Systems is a top manufacturer, supplier, and integrator of dry fog dust suppression systems and nozzles in India. Our systems effectively control dust at the source and keep the environment clean. The specialized process comprises atomizing water to create a fog that agglomerates with dust particles and settles them on the surface, achieved through a managed combination of water at low pressure and compressed air through ultrasonic nozzles or air atomizing nozzles. Our dry fog dust suppression system design is foolproof and suppresses maximum dust particles, effectively controlling < PM10 respirable dust particles.

Dry fog dust suppression systems can be a cost-effective alternative to dust extraction systems for dust control, especially in mass material handling plants. The dry fog system designed by Synergy Spray Systems produces an incredibly fine homogenous dry fog, with water droplets measuring 1 to 10 microns, allowing for high-performance efficacy.
Our dry fog nozzles work by soaking the surrounding atmospheric conditions with a volume of fog, in which the dust particles are grouped with drops of water of the same particle size. Our in-house production capability ensures that dry fog/mist nozzles are manufactured to international quality standards.
Our dry fog nozzles consume an extremely low amount of water, ranging from 2.1 to 5.0 liters per hour and per nozzle, making it the most affordable option available. They are ready to match perfectly with a wide range of connectors and accessories, with no need for modification to your existing systems. Our latest generation of dry fog nozzles is unique and equipped with a supported resonator on the nozzle head, making it easy to remove and maintain.

Various parameters, designs, and calculations are taken into account when designing dry fog systems kit. We get a powerful spray of atomized water particles of various entry points but the same size, with air atomizing spray nozzles commonly used for dry fog dust suppression systems, depending on the application and distance of the dust source from the nozzle tip.

The advantages of dry fog dust suppression systems include 
Reduction in raw material wastage
Prevention of dust exposure to functioning staff
Reduction in dust pollution in the plant surroundings
Extension of machinery life
Dry fog systems can also effectively address rising concerns for health, safety, and the environment and are thus the preferred and consistent choice in the industry to help reduce these issues.


What is dry fog?

Dry fog is the phenomenon where the spray droplets produced by atomized fog nozzles are 5 to 20 microns in size. Dry fog systems are desired and implemented in application which requires no increase in moisture or humidity.

Will it wet the surrounding area?

No, dry fog will not cause wetness as it uses a minute quantity of water. It increase the humidity less than 1% based on application.

What is the water pressure required for the system?

It requires approximately 3 to 5 bar (45 to 75 psi) of pressure for the water and air compressor pressure to be 3 to 5 bar based on application

What is the water quality required?

Water should be clean and free from harmful contaminants. A pre-filter required as part of the system. Foreign particles in the water system may clog the nozzle orifice

Does wind effect the direction of the fog?

Mildly. since the dry fog system is forced a medium pressure, wind effects the direction of the fog mildly.

What is the water pump being used?

A medium ragne pressure water pump is used as part of the system.

How big is a micron size for dry fog dust suppression system ?

A micron is very small size in the range of 5 microns to 20 micros. For example, the human hair thickness is 50-70 microns wide. dry fog dust suppression system designs are based on nature of the dust being suppressed.
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