Synergy Spray specializes in providing site-specific Dust Control Management and Dust Suppression Systems for industrial areas, including Mine Dust Suppression and Industrial Material Plant Handling. With over 10 years of experience, Synergy Spray has developed and refined its own Dust Suppression Technology, making it an industry leader in Dust Control. By providing truly dust-free workplaces, Synergy Spray improves worker health and productivity, extends the life of expensive equipment, supports legal health compliance, and reduces maintenance costs.

To ensure effective dust suppression, it is crucial to properly combine the material and suppressant at the output point. Synergy Spray recommends placing the suppression system as close to the start of the transfer point as possible to allow the forces of the moving material to overlay the suppressant into the material body as it travels through the transfer point. 

For fog systems, the application point should be near the end of the transfer point to allow the material load to settle and for any dust collection systems to remove dust-laden air without clogging the filtration media with saturated dust particles. Synergy Spray installs fog generation nozzles to cover the full width of the conveyor's skirted area.

Synergy Spray's Dust Control Systems can help quarries and mining plants comply with apparent discharge guidelines when installed at strategic locations in crushing and screening plants. The Spray System uses a high-pressure pump capable of reducing dust to consistent levels and is electronically controlled from a remote panel in the operator's room. Units can be fully automated, equipped with air and glycol flush systems for cold weather operation, and are available with remote controllers to eliminate the electrical cable connecting the remote panel to the pump module.

Each dust control system is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are considering upgrading your current system to include fog dust suppression, or you are constructing a new system, contact Synergy Spray online for a consultation. Their design team will ask the right questions to create a dust suppression system that truly works for your specific operation.


Will suppression system be used on the conveyor belts?


Should the water used in suppression be clean?

Yes the water needs to be pre filtered or the nozzles can get blocked due to dust

What will be the flow per nozzle?

It varies depending on the particle size.

What if the nozzles stop working?

Nozzles should be removed and cleaned

Will complete technical survey of site be done?

 Yes our team will visit the site and do the complete survey and answer all queries

When should I use this system?

This system is generally essential when there a lot of dust flying up in the air and causing severe pollution to the work places and well as nearby areas
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