Waste Water evaporation plant supplier in Mumbai

Fog cannons and misting system for waste water evaporation treatment

Synergy Spray Systems is a prominent supplier and integrator of waste water evaporation systems in India. Our unique misting and fogging technology is used for waste water evaporation treatment. The quality of water to be evaporated determines the method of evaporation. If the water does not meet the quality standards, we add specially formulated chemicals before the evaporation process to neutralize odors and harmful substances. We offer both misting/fogging cannons and standard misting systems for the evaporation process.

Our Waste Water Evaporator Fog cannon works with various standards and components. We offer a range of systems with different fundamental standards for the operation of the fog ordinance. While mechanical systems may require maintenance, we also provide cutting-edge technology that is hassle-free with minimal maintenance.
Our Waste Water Evaporator Fog cannon is widely used in India and abroad for waste water evaporation and the suppression of flying dust in various applications. It is a rugged and highly efficient system that is particularly successful in open areas where only the fog standard is effective.

The Waste Water Evaporator Fog cannon is typically mounted on a trolley and can be easily moved from one location to another. It is extensively used in industrial applications, such as stockyard areas, dirty mines, tripper/truck dumping in mines and ground containers, cart sightseers, and reclaimed containers. In open areas, the fog standard is most commonly used as other methods of dust suppression are inadequate.

In agricultural applications, it is used for irrigation purposes, as well as in construction demolition, wastewater evaporation, and other similar applications. We offer various types of Fog cannons, and each one is individually designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

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