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Tank Mixing Eductor Nozzle is a mixing system utilized for thoroughly blending multiple liquids in open or enclosed tanks, without requiring baffles or other moving components. This system ensures uniform mixing of liquids with varying consistencies and effectively prevents stratification. The eductor nozzle employs the venturi effect to accomplish efficient liquid mixing.

As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of tank mixing eductor nozzles in India, Synergy Spray Systems produces a diverse range of fluid mixing eductor nozzles suitable for use in chemical or liquid tanks.

Stainless steel twin fluid mixing eductor


Tank Mixing Nozzles, also known as Tank Mixing Eductors, can function as an alternative or addition to mechanical agitators. They are effective in introducing and mixing a new fluid with an existing fluid, and are less expensive to operate and maintain in comparison to the equipment they replace. This is especially significant for applications that require materials with special corrosion-resistant properties. Liquid tank mixing nozzles optimize the mixing ratio of liquids and are more efficient than pipes with holes. Venturi eductor nozzles come in various designs, sizes, and materials, and can be customized to fit the type of liquids, tank sizes, and shapes.

The advantages of Tank Mixer Eductors/tank liquid agitators include:

Ensuring a uniform mix of fluid throughout the tank, leading to consistent product and process quality.
Eliminating sludge and slurry build-up, which reduces tank cleaning time.
Using small and efficient pumps to circulate large volumes of tank solution, achieving an effective turnover rate.
Being easy to operate and maintain as there are no moving parts.
Eliminating the need for compressed or blower air, which can cause oil contamination or ventilation problems.

Liquid mixing eductors are used in various applications such as:

Chemical injection and liquid mixing
Blending ethanol and bio-diesel
Anodizing tanks
Electroplating tanks
Sludge tanks
Paint booth applications
Plating tanks
Stripping applications

Synergy Spray Systems offers a range of eductors that have the following advantages:

Large flow opening that allows particulates to pass through with minimal clogging.
Flow chamber design that eliminates internal material build-up.
Compact design that minimizes interference with plating racks and other in-tank equipment.
Wide range of material options such as PVC, stainless steel, PVDF, and nylon.
In-tank mounting design that eliminates the need for above-tank mounting devices.
Mounting accessories that simplify installation and allow easy, precise adjustment of eductor flow.

Materials Available:

• Stainless Steel
• Nylon

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What is turnover rate for tank mixing liquid eductors.

Turnover rate is the recirculation capacity of the eductors. Quantity of liquids recirculated by the eductors compared to the size of the tank. Effective turnover rate can be determined by the pH content of the liquid, operating temperature, viscoscity and solid/gas dispersion

What is the effective turnover rate for tank eductors for various materials?

• Plating and rinsing tanks: 10 to 30 turnovers per hour
• Cleaning tanks: at least 10 turnovers per hour
• Heavily soiled tanks: up to 20 turnovers per hour
• Critical cleaning tanks: > 20 turnovers per hour

How to determine the tank eductors capacity.

Eductor capacity can be determined based on following factors
a. Number of eductors
b. Size of the tank. (Rectangular or cylindrical (Horizontal or Vertical)
c. Liquid/gas properties.

What are the available connection size:

Eductors are available from 3/8th inch to 1.5" inch thread connection size.
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