Spray nozzles are extensively used in the chemical manufacturing industry for various applications. Synergy has a wealth of experience in dealing with chemical manufacturers and provides expert advice on selecting the appropriate spray nozzle for specific applications. We have worked with major chemical manufacturers, OEMs, and specialized chemical engineering companies.

Two Primary Functions
Spray nozzles serve two primary functions in the chemical industry, regardless of the specific application. 
Firstly, they can significantly increase the surface area of a given volume of liquid. The finer the spray is atomized, the greater the surface area to volume ratio, which leads to faster heat/mass transfer or reaction time, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of many processes.
Secondly, spray nozzles deliver the liquid where it is needed. In some cases, wide dispersion is desirable, requiring wide-angle nozzles, while in other applications, a highly focused or narrow distribution of spray is required.
Synergy offers various designs of spray nozzles to achieve these two primary functions. We have expert spray nozzles with features such as 
Corrosion-resistant alloys
Plastics including PTFE 
High-temperature alloys 
Wide spray angle nozzles 
Clog-resistant nozzles 
High turndown (variable flow) 
Low flow
Precision sprays
Air atomizing nozzles
High-impact tank cleaning nozzles
Fire suppression nozzles
In addition to spray nozzles, we are also experts in designing and manufacturing spray spears, retractable spears, spray bars, injection quills, and other spray delivery systems. With our vast experience in the chemical industry, we cater to both small niche companies and global players.
The Importance of Expertise in Spray Nozzles
Selecting the right spray nozzle to optimize drop size, spray coverage, flow rates, and other spray characteristics is crucial for many applications. With numerous nozzle products to choose from, even experienced chemical engineers should seek the advice of expert companies like Synergy to optimize their spraying systems through proper product selection.
At Synergy, we have built our entire business around the process of spray selection and optimization. What we truly sell is not so much the plastic or metal nozzle product but the expert advice that accompanies selecting, testing, and validating the product.
Spray Analytics and Expertise
With our many years of experience dealing with almost every possible spray application, Synergy can quickly assist engineers in navigating the right spray solution for any application. This is supported by access to proprietary software that provides rapid assessments of droplet size and theoretical spray coverage.
For more critical applications, we are happy to assist with conducting heat transfer and coverage calculations for spray applications. We have full CFD capability if necessary to demonstrate how to spray systems will perform.
In addition to CFD modeling, we also have a full spray lab. Here we can perform experimental tests for specific spray conditions. This data can be used to feed into CFD modeling to build an extremely accurate picture of what will happen in any given spray application once implemented.

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