The paper production process requires a significant amount of water, and thus, many spraying applications use specialized nozzles exclusively designed for paper factories.

Key Spray Application – Trimming

One common spray application in many paper plants is the use of high-pressure water jets to manage the edges of the newly formed paper. These high-pressure jets require wear-resistant nozzles to withstand high pressure.
Upgraded Laminar Flow
Synergy's range of nozzles is designed to ensure the maximum length of laminar flow possible. Laminar flow is desirable as any disturbance quickly reduces the impact of the water jet. These nozzles come in single or twin-stream ranges with a variety of gap sizes, flow rates, and materials.

Adjustable Trim Spray – Edge Trimming Machines

The ATS machines are a complete edge-managing nozzle cluster that allows for micro-adjustments to jet positions. These robust machines are easy to install and are designed to simplify edge-managing solutions. The upgraded version allows for precise control of flow rates through integrated pressure measures and needle valves for each trim stream feed.

Key Spray Application – Wetting/Moistening

Another common spray application in the paper industry is the use of low-impact sprays to provide wetting to the paper. Generally, basic fan nozzles are used for this purpose. In some cases, the paper needs to be only slightly dampened, which may require low volumes of finely atomized spray, in which case an air-atomizing nozzle from the XA range may be suitable. If compressed air is not available, a low-flow rate misting nozzle like the PJ series may be an appropriate choice.

Nozzles for the Paper Industry – Cleaning (High and Low-Pressure Sprays)

Generally, two types of impurities need to be cleaned from the felt or wire, namely tacky substances (pastes, latexes, or hot melts) or fibers. Stickies usually require high-pressure solid stream nozzle sprays to remove them, while fibers can be cleaned with a cluster of flat fan nozzles.

Thunder Shower

The thunder showers are a range of preassembled spray bars incorporating an internal cleaning brush. The brush cleaning can be automated or manual.

Spraying Challenge – Spraying in Confined Spaces

In some parts of the papermaking process, a spray must be applied to a target that is only a few centimeters away. In such cases, there is less space for the spray pattern to fan out, making full coverage of the target area challenging.
When working in confined spaces, the projection of the nozzle itself may be a significant proportion of the distance to the target. Low-profile nozzles may provide enough "extra" distance to achieve complete spray coverage. Another solution is to use wider spray angle nozzles, but this can come at the cost of impact.

High-Impact Cleaning Spray Nozzles for the Paper Industry

Certain stages in the paper production process require extremely high-impact cleaning. This necessitates the use of high-pressure solid stream spray nozzles as only the solid stream spray pattern produces sufficient impact. These nozzles are arranged in oscillating spray bars to provide cleaning along a felt or wire. Accurate timing of the oscillator strokes must be achieved to provide uniform cleaning.

Spray Challenge – High Nozzle Wear from High-Pressure Spraying

The spraying of any liquid inevitably causes wear on the nozzle. The higher the pressure and flow rate, the more quickly this wear occurs. When spraying at high pressures continuously, such as in high-pressure cleaning sprays or trim nozzles, the wear can be rapid.
Nozzle wear can cause degradation of the spray pattern, resulting in a loss of impact and thus, cleaning control, or may lead.

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