Synergy Rain Gun with 30 meter radius


Helps improve productivity.

Helps reduce pollution.

Lower analysis costs.

Increases employment opportunities.

Adapts to changing climate.


• Available in 1%" BSP/NPT Female threaded.
• Aluminium Pressure die casted Body and arm.
• Heavy duty brass nut, tube, nozzles & Diffusor Screw.
• Stainless Steel Pivot Pin, springs, Nut and bolt.
• Plastic parts made of engineering plastic for durability.
• Available both Full Circle & Part-circle design.
• Jet breaker screw to change the water jet from heavy droplets to fine spray.
• Recommended Pressure 2.0-5.0 kg/cm² or 30 - 70Psi
• Recommended spacing up to 30m for higher distribution uniformity.
• Trajectory Angle: 30°
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