Dust Suppression Fog Cannons mounted on Truck

Dust Suppression Fog Cannons mounted on Truck


Manufacturer and Supplier of Fogging Cannons mounted dust suppression truck.

Dust Suppression tanker trucks mounted with Fog Cannons spray water to control the spread of dust on mines and construction sites targeted at a mining activity. During the loading and unloading of materials like coal, aggregates, and fine materials in Mines and construction sites, micron-sized dust particles spread in the environment by polluting the air as well as reducing visibility and increasing occupational health hazards. So, Dust suppression fog/mist cannons are mandatory to maintain the environment.

Dust suppression is implemented by large truck-mounted water tankers and fog cannons with customized water spray systems that distribute fog or mist in the loading/unloading areas to suppress dust particles.

The spray system design takes into account various operational and performance factors that minimize dust emissions. These factors include water consumption rate, spray configuration, equipment function and operation, dust suppression effectiveness, and cost of installation and use.

The spraying system uses hydraulic pumps to spray water evenly for dust control applications.

Advantage of our dust suppression Fogging Cannon trucks.
- Dust suppression fogging cannons provided by Synergy Spray Systems
- Equipped with hydraulic pumps of Italian make.
- Dust cannon ranges from 30 meters to 100 meters
- Low-profile trapezoidal tank design
- Heavy gauge steel
- Tank constructed for performance and durability
- Custom filter to stop sediments from entering the tank
- Hydraulic pumps to power the spraying system
- Special coating to improve the life of the tank and maintain water quality.
- Spraying system operated through Hydraulic controller in the driver cabin
- Spraying system in the front (Optional)
- Tanker capacity ( 8,000 Liters to 36,000 Liters)

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