Industrial Mist Nozzle

Industrial Mist Nozzles with orifice from 0.3 mm with both Push fit option and threaded options


Mist Nozzle for industrial application with with both Push fit option and threaded options are manufactured by Synergy Spray Systems

Orifice Diameter range starts from 0.3 mm to 2.00 mm.        

Misting nozzles are designed to create a spray that angles out anywhere from 40° - 100°, depending on your system's water pressure. The wider the angle, the more area the spray will cover and the fewer nozzles will be needed. 18, 24 or 30 inch nozzle spacing is standard, but some suppliers will customize spacing to your needs. Nozzle spacing in plastic, nylon, and copper lines can be easily customized during installation, too.

How far in the air the spray "drifts" or spreads is determined by their height off the ground, the system's water pressure and the size of the nozzle, plus the temperature of the water and the outside air.

For maximum cooling effect, it makes sense that you would want a fairly dense curtain of mist. But there is a point at which the system simply cannot make you any cooler, no matter how closely the nozzles are spaced. The final determination of how closely to space the misting nozzles in your system will be based on, well, your system.

Your system's water pressure, your choice of nozzles, your climate, even your system's configuration and the shape of the structure it is mounted to, all combine to make a system that is uniquely yours. Your misting system supplier's experience is invaluable in determining how far apart to space the nozzles. If installing it yourself, use one of the standard spacing and adjust it based on how many misting nozzles your system can handle. Spacing adjustments can be made after installation, if necessary. These adjustments will be easier to make in some line materials than others. Go back up to the section on flexible or rigid water lines or line materials if you'd like a review of this.

The number of misting nozzles any misting system can handle will vary depending on the pump, the type of nozzles used, corresponding flow rate, the number and types of fittings. Too many nozzles can cause a noticeable drop in performance. Most kits will tell you how many nozzles they can handle. Fewer nozzles mean less water used but more nozzles can mean more cooling. Remember, a misting system is a matter of balance.


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